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que es el marketing industrial

When we talk about marketing, our thoughts are always directed towards mass consumer products, different types of strategies and different types of customers, i.e. what we call consumer marketing. But there is also another type of marketing, which is just as important, and which is sometimes neglected, and that is industrial marketing. This type of marketing is oriented towards those companies whose client is another company, which sells its products and services to a target audience, and not an end customer. It is also known as B2B industrial marketing.

Is what is known as industrial marketing really efficient?

Many companies with a B2B business model are considering marketing actions and strategies to improve their results. But, they have not decided to apply it because they doubt its effectiveness. From Éxito TV we can state categorically that it is just as effective as consumer marketing. To make it clearer, the goods and services that are marketed in industrial marketing are not intended for the end consumer, but for another company that needs to buy them in order to develop its activity in the market and sell to a particular customer.

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What is Industrial Digital Marketing?

Industrial marketing can be applied in different ways, one of which is industrial digital marketing. This type of marketing focuses on creating digital strategies to bring a brand, product or service to another company.

From a number of recently published reports, it can be concluded that 98% of B2B companies search online to decide on their product or service supplier, while 59% of B2B buyers prefer not to have contact with a salesperson. Therefore, industrial digital marketing should be valued by companies with a B2B business model.

Digital industrial marketing refers to the set of strategies used by industrial companies to sell or promote their products and services using digital platforms:

  • Websites
  • Blogs
  • Social networks
  • Browsers and their searches
  • Digital magazines
  • Digital television
  • Digital newspapers

Differences between industrial or B2B (Business to Business) marketing and consumer or B2C marketing

The main difference between so-called industrial B2B marketing and B2C consumer marketing is that the product has a purely industrial purpose and the customer is another company, which purchases the product for use in its production chain or for resale (wholesale or retail markets).

The main characteristic of industrial marketing is that the basic principles of marketing are applied in the industrial sector. The economy is becoming more and more globalised and this makes industrial marketing more and more important.

The other differences are:

  • Regarding the purchase process:

In consumer digital marketing, the buying process is simpler. The customer simply realises that he or she has a need to fill, and goes to the marketplace to buy the product he or she needs. In industrial digital marketing this process is more complex. A problem arises in the company and then a need arises, then certain points are analysed thoroughly and the resources the company has, and after that a decision is made.

  • Focusing on price:

The selling price of products or services in B2C is fixed, it can change only if there are offers and discounts or if it has lost value. In so-called industrial B2B marketing the price can be fixed or negotiable. Discounts can be given depending on the volume of the product purchased or different prices can be applied based on the duration of the sales contract.

  • Regarding customers:

In industrial and service marketing, customers are fewer, but buy larger quantities than in consumer or B2C marketing.

  • Focusing on advertising strategies:

In consumer digital marketing there are mass advertising strategies, and in so-called industrial marketing there are more direct campaigns and the buying processes are more personalised.

  • Focusing on research:

Research is more important in industrial marketing, as the marketer has to make sure to meet the specific needs of the buyer, and the buyer also does a lot of research.

agencia de marketing industrial

Why should an industrial (B2B) company choose to implement an industrial marketing strategy?

In reality, Spanish industrial companies’ investment in industrial digital marketing is very small, and in many cases does not even exist. There may be different reasons for this, such as that the digital transformation raised high expectations with few short-term results, or that industrial companies do not believe in digital marketing and its results.

Industrial companies should focus on implementing an industrial and service marketing strategy:

Digital transformation: Digitalisation has arrived with a vengeance all over the world. In B2C, consumers are increasingly buying digitally. Therefore, industrial companies will also have to adapt to the digital transformation if they do not want to reduce their sales.
The numerous advantages it brings: Increased sales, internationalisation, better market position compared to the competition, cost control, and optimisation of available resources.

Do you need an industrial marketing agency?

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Conclusions about digital industrial marketing

When we think of marketing, we always think of mass consumer products, i.e. consumer marketing or B2C. But there is also another type of marketing, which is industrial marketing or B2B. The main difference between the two types is that while in consumer marketing the end customer is a private customer, in so-called industrial marketing, the customer is another company that buys the product to resell it or transform it into another end product. The purchasing processes are more complex and longer in industrial digital marketing.

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