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In our long trajectory as an Agency we have had many comforting moments.

At the end of 2019 we got 2 awards for the campaigns we did for Gigante del Colchón and Gremi Habitat.

It was at the Luxury Advertising Awards 2019, in whose Gala other Agencies that had made campaigns for Porcelanosa, Adidas, Tous or Huawei were also awarded.

The mentions were for “Best use of the message in a PREMIUM TV spot” in the case of the spot we did for Gremi Habitat. In this spot, the key to everything was the hallen key so used by a worldwide known brand and that we took to a more sympathetic terrain for our client’s spot.

The second prize was for “Best Originality in PREMIUM TV Spot”. In this case it was for the spot we made for Gigante del Colchón. The argument of the spot was to present the brand with all the honors in relation to the presentation of one of its products, as if it were a Hollywood artist.

More information at the following link: https://www.elpublicista.es/festivales-y-premios/madrid-llena-glamour-luxury-awards-2019