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To be honest, our day by day is a conglomerate of contradictory feelings between each one. I don’t believe be the only one that thinks that way. After a very strange and complicated lapse of time because of the pandemic and the Ukraine war, it’s true that we are living a convulsive time that it’s not precisely very pleasant.

In our sector we’re also living a time of changes. The digital area is making their work from day to day, and with all of this we are adapting ourselves to all the possibilities it gives to us.

At the end, the thing that changes our way of living is the attitude. How we face our problems day by day, how we live the typical processes when we create the argument/storytelling or we produce an audiovisual project with all its details, or how we answer against some situations; that’s what will define our present and future. And I’m not only talking about our personal situation of each one of us, otherwise the society as a whole in where we live.

I’m sure that WE CAN make everything better. Always. The “WE CAN” can be applied to everything. To that professional relationship that we have with our client, to that personal relationship that we have with our most related people, to everything in general. But so that it CAN BE, we need to want doing it. And I think in our actual time, the attitude generally it’s to not doing thing right. I find mediocrity in general. You go to a restaurant and they don’t serve you well, you take the public transport and you find delays and errors… and you don’t find any apologies. You go to a public entity and you get the feeling that they are doing you a favor, for every management you need. I can continue giving you examples, but I don’t want to make you suffer more.

Despite of everything, I want to be a bit of an optimistic person and that’s why I name this blog with the words WE CAN. Because if we want, WE CAN. It’s not a political argument in favor of the formation with the same name. It’s a proclamation that we all must consider ourselves and that we must applied to out day by day. If we have a problem with somebody, we talk about that conflict with that person and we give us another chance, because our life is short and the clock keeps running. The thing that it’s impossible today, can be possible after three hours. If we have a project to do, I’m sure if we put all our attention, we can figure it is possible or not. We make another and another, until we achieve what we want.

If we think it thoughtfully, all depends of our attitude. The attitude after five minutes and after two hours… If we put our minds to it, WE CAN.

Courage to all


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