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Toys 'R' Us and Prénatal now in Vigo

Toys R' Us and Prénatal continue to strengthen their unification across the country.

Abel Caballero, Mayor of Vigo, cutting the ribbon at the inauguration of Vigo.

ÉXITOTV has carried out another opening, after the merger of Prénatal + Toys ‘R’ Us. On this occasion, it took place in the Camelias shopping centre in Vigo (Pontevedra). This opening represents a significant milestone by uniting two iconic brands under one roof, offering customers a seamless and comprehensive shopping experience.

The strategic decision to merge Prénatal and Toys ‘R’ Us into a single shop aims to provide customers with a diverse range of high quality products for babies, children and families. The new shop features a comprehensive selection, ranging from baby care essentials to exciting child development toys, catering to the diverse needs of modern families.

The opening was honoured by the presence of the Mayor of Vigo, Abel Caballero, who enthusiastically inaugurated the shop by cutting the ceremonial ribbon. His participation underlines the importance of this opening not only for the brands involved, but also for the local community.

Two examples of mupis advertising the opening in Vigo.

ÉXITOTV took the celebration of the opening of the Prénatal + Toys R’ Us shop to every corner of Vigo with strategic advertising actions. Advertisements on buses and billboards enveloped the city, providing extensive coverage and ensuring that no one missed the news. From the busy bus routes to the busiest spots with billboards, ÉXITOTV has ensured that the opening of this shop is on the minds of the people of Vigo.

PRG Retail Group opens offices in Madrid

In addition to the opening of the Prénatal + Toys R’ Us shop in Vigo, the PRG Retail Group has opened new offices in Madrid. For this, a series of actions were prepared for all office workers, including personalised details for each and every one of them. This event marked the launch of Weco, an innovative internal communication tool designed to strengthen collaboration and efficiency within the company. ÉXITOTV, as the Group’s trusted agency, was also in charge of the production and realisation of this inaugural party.

Inauguration of the new headquarters in Madrid together with the Weco tool.