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Residential care for my elderly loved ones, yes or no?

Creating and producing a campaign for elderly topics always requires great sensitivity.

In the spot, the son is very satisfied with how his mother is doing in a nursing home.

This is a dilemma that many people end up facing in their lives, either because their parents/grandparents are getting older and require special care, or because they themselves are aging, at least in theory.

Our first contact with our client PENSIUM came through a news article published in a newspaper. It caught the attention of our CEO, Carlos Bertran, as the article discussed the possibility of paying for senior residence without relying on reverse mortgages and without losing ownership of one’s home.

PENSIUM explained their system to us, and we found it truly innovative and appealing. The challenging part was conveying it in a 20-second spot. This is often the most difficult aspect when it comes to explaining any product or service in a quick, concise, friendly, yet understandable and relatable manner that a client may require from an advertising agency.

The creative department of ÉXITOTV advertising agency had a clear vision from the beginning. Something special had to be done. So, we presented them with various proposals through storyboards, which is an effective and straightforward system for understanding different concepts. Two of the proposed stories resonated with the brand, leading us to swiftly enter the pre-production phase and produce two spots. One of them tells a beautiful story with strong reminiscences linked to a classic musical from the past.

Just as the production of this spot was completed, the Covid-19 pandemic hit. Due to this circumstance, PENSIUM believed it was more appropriate to use the other contemplated story. It was a less cheerful, less musical spot that resonated better with the pandemic era. Thus, we produced the campaign with the spot featuring siblings discussing whether or not to take their mother to a nursing home. Among the cast, we had a Catalan actress who has appeared in memorable Catalan TV series. At ÉXITOTV, we have produced several spots for PENSIUM.

Marta Mayoral, from the creative team of ÉxitoTV, during a moment of filming for PENSIUM.

PENSIUM has achieved significant growth in the Spanish market. It first started with a campaign in media outlets in Catalonia and later expanded to television channels across Spain.