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Program number 115 of ¿Perdona? broadcasted on 25.06.17 on RAC105 and BOMTV.

In the section “DEBATIMOS” we talked about the following topics:Do we like summer vacations?

We talked about it with the following collaborators:

1- Agusti Guirasola-Philosopher and Psychotherapist.

2- Carmen Hernández-Coach International-www.carmehernandez.es

3- Elena Antón- Journalist, Actress and Reporter ¿Perdona?

4- Xavier Xalé- Training and Communication Manager

5- Paula Floch-Psychologist-Teleological Coach
6- Lisi del Castillo- Journalist- Film Director- Director “Rita Miller”.

7- Natalia Mena- Director Advertising Agency Be Water

We saw Marsal Ventura’s new clip “Linda”, a very special version of the well known song. We also saw the clip of the song “Chiquita bonita” by Damián.

In “La silla de la verdad” we had the actor Roger Pera.

And to finish the performance of David Sampedro.