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Grupo Mutua Propietarios, television campaign in Spain

ÉXITOTV created, produced, and planned the nationwide campaign in 2022, and is currently preparing the new campaign for this year, 2023.

Image from one of the scenes in the Grupo Mutua Propietarios commercial.

At the beginning of 2022, Grupo Mutua Propietarios underwent a series of corporate changes, which led them to communicate their advancements in major media outlets through an innovative commercial. They aimed to highlight the reasons why they are leaders and strong in the Spanish market.

Grupo Mutua Propietarios entrusted ÉXITOTV with the creative development and production of a commercial spot, as well as media planning in Spain. After numerous discussions with the Grupo Mutua Propietarios representatives, it was concluded that it would be suitable to captivate the audience by utilizing Stop Motion technology. This, combined with clear and well-defined concepts, would result in an innovative spot that is easy to comprehend in its message and visually impactful.

Once the entire creative and production process was approved, all the necessary work was carried out, leading to a media planning directed by ÉXITOTV. This resulted in a nationwide television media campaign across Spain, with a strong emphasis on Grupo Atresmedia and regional television channels. In the case of Catalonia, TV3, the leading network for the past 13 years, was chosen as one of the primary channels for the campaign.

The campaign was a tremendous success, and as a result, in this year 2023, Grupo Mutua Propietarios has renewed their trust in ÉXITOTV. We are already in the process of planning the new media campaign for this year.

Image from one of the scenes in the Grupo Mutua Propietarios commercial.