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Goodbye glasses... forever?

The Institut Oftalmològic Tres Torres partnered with ÉxitoTV once again for a new campaign.

Vision is one of those senses that holds great importance. In recent years, various techniques for correcting refractive errors, enhancing our field of vision, and other interventions have significantly improved the overall quality of our vision.

In Catalonia, there are several renowned clinics specializing in these techniques, and one of them is IOTT, the Tres Torres Ophthalmological Institute. They are a long-standing client of ours, as many years ago, our CEO, Carlos Bertran, when he was with another agency, handled campaigns involving commercials, advertising spaces, interviews on television programs, and more for IOTT.

Imagen del spot de IOTT.

The filming of the commercial took place at a prominent restaurant in the downtown area of Barcelona city.

The campaign was broadcasted in the Catalonia region, on the best television and radio outlets, representing a project that portrayed the city center from a friendly, approachable, and humorous perspective at the same time.