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Gigante del Colchón: Waking up with vitality in the mornings

ÉxitoTV produced 2 innovative commercials for the well-known brand.

Communication is crucial for any brand, whether it is already well-known or not. Engaging with customers through advertising messages or content is key to keeping the brand’s name alive.

Not all brands understand it in this way, but if we look at the big brands, they all run campaigns more or less continuously and put a lot of effort into content creation on blogs, mainstream media (TV, radio, outdoor), and social networks in general.

If you choose to create audiovisual content for a commercial, for example, it is crucial that the spot has the ability to surprise and make an impact, while the creatives offer distinctiveness compared to their direct competitors.

ÉxitoTV always gives a unique tone to all the commercials they create, and in the case of GIGANTE DEL COLCHÓN, it was no exception.

Two different commercials were produced, with different storyboards, so that the client could choose the one they found most suitable.

Finally, it was decided to film both presented spots since both were well-received. The first one explained that everyone has dreams to fulfill. These dreams sometimes come true, and sometimes they don’t. However, if we choose to buy a mattress from the brand, we will rest peacefully and let our imagination and desires soar, making them come true in all cases.

In the commercial, four of these dreams are showcased:

  • Judith dreams of her parents giving her a puppy as a gift.
  • Alex dreams of encountering an extraterrestrial.
  • Laura dreams of becoming a renowned singer.
  • Saul dreams of becoming an astronaut.


Finally, we see all of them jumping on the mattress, and we witness their dreams coming true.

Image of the first commercial created by ÉXITOTV for Gigante del Colchón.

The second commercial narrated that a very important event was about to happen. In this scenario, we see a series of characters getting ready, looking their best, and heading towards the same place: the event is none other than the unveiling of the new mattress from the brand GIGANTE DEL COLCHÓN.