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Fujifilm on Spain's leading TV stations

ÉxitoTV continues its association with the prestigious global brand

Screenshot from the Instax Pal camera commercial.

Fujifilm, a world leader in imaging technology, has launched a major advertising campaign, commissioning the advertising agency ÉxitoTV. The campaign is being launched on Spain’s leading television channels: La Sexta, Antena3 and Telecinco. This strategic initiative aims to captivate both regular and digital TV audiences, including their respective digital platforms such as AtresPlayer and Mitele. With an innovative and dynamic approach, Fujifilm is introducing to the Spanish public two outstanding products: the Instax Pal camera and the Instax Link printer.

Screenshot from the TV spot advertising Instax Print.

The ÉxitoTV campaign has been planned using an innovative advertising strategy by including two unique spots, each designed to advertise one of Fujifilm’s flagship products. The first spot, aimed at television, emphasises the unique capabilities of the Instax Pal, combining captivating moments with Fujifilm’s signature visual storytelling. The second spot, adapted for digital platforms AtresPlayer and Mitele, focuses on the versatility of the Instax Link, highlighting its ability to print photos directly from mobile and offering a more interactive experience for users.

With the campaigns in full swing and the unveiling of two exceptional products, Fujifilm reaffirms its position as a leader in the imaging market with online and digital TV advertising with ÉxitoTV.

Here are the two spots: