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Renew yourselves

At ÉxitoTV we undertake new adventures.

They say that people’s lives often include cyclical periods every 5 years. I don’t know if this is scientific, but if I think about my own life, they may have a point. 5 years is quite a long time, although it may not seem like it: it is 60 months and about 1826.25 days approximately. Looking back over these 5 years that I am talking about, with respect to the advertising and communication agencies that I have managed, I have been able to assess that we have really made an upward and quite important evolution. In 2018 we had a different name to the current one, we were very focused on producing television programmes and we continued to create and plan campaigns for our clients, as we had been doing for so many years.

This 2023, which will soon come to an end, can be summed up by saying that almost nothing is the same as 2018. Content platforms have become exponentially stronger. The macro advertising figures are still there, but now everything is based on data, statistics and knowledge prior to the action to be carried out, to try to guarantee to your superiors, to your brand, that the money you are going to invest in the necessary promotion of a product, is going to have a return as quickly as possible. When it comes to digital platforms, it’s very clear: it’s about seeing when I want and where I want. I choose, click and see, and if I get tired, I move on to something else. In the end, you have to understand that focusing business on the current and, above all, future times is unavoidable. It is no longer possible to have very closed criteria thinking that you know everything because you have a track record that gives you credit for it. That’s all very well, but now either you want to eat the world or the world eats you.

At ÉXITOTV, apart from creating and planning strategies for campaigns in which we are working hard, we are already working on creating content again. If before we did it thinking about linear television, now we know that this is all very well and we are among those who believe that there is still a long way to go, but we are also going to focus on “watching when and how I want”. Now we no longer have to ask for permission, authorisation and almost beg a channel to buy a project from you and make them mould it to their convenience. No, no more. We can make the content we want ourselves, produce it and put it out there, in the various options that are available, so that the public can decide whether what you do is of interest or not.

In a few months we will start publishing podcasts and special reports to be consumed by anyone who wants them. We are going to give them our personality, our way of doing things, our way of understanding this type of product, but always with the greatest possible professional honesty, telling the truth about things and understanding that the most important thing is to be ourselves, so that our interlocutor, our viewer, is also our confidant. I will tell you more about it soon.

And as you know, renew yourselves, yes or yes.