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Grupo Mutua Propietarios once again trusts television

Grupo Mutua Propietarios and ÉxitoTV are once again launching a television campaign, incorporating significant podcasts into the media planning.

Mutua Propietarios Group Television Campaign Announcement

At the beginning of the current year, 2023, Grupo Mutua Propietarios has continued its path of business innovation, implementing strategic changes to strengthen its leadership position in the Spanish market. With the goal of communicating these advancements in a striking and effective manner, Grupo Mutua Propietarios has once again placed their trust in ÉXITOTV for their media plan in Spain, with the launch of their 20-second ad campaign – an ad created and produced by ÉXITOTV – on the best television channels in the country.

ÉXITOTV worked closely with the responsible parties of the Grupo Mutua Propietarios last year to devise a creative approach that leverages Stop Motion technology and conveys concepts in an easily understandable way for the audience. We have followed the same path. This innovative approach has been combined with a media planning strategy designed to maximize the visibility of the campaign throughout the Spanish territory, including a novel foray into the realm of podcasts.

In addition to the national television strategy, Grupo Mutua Propietarios has decided to expand its reach through advertising campaigns on podcasts. Recognizing the growing relevance of the platforms where these podcasts are broadcast, the company has collaborated with several highly popular ones to spread their message of leadership and strength in the Spanish market. This diversified strategy aims to reach a broader audience and connect with consumers in an innovative way tailored to current trends.

Once the creative and production process was approved, all necessary actions were taken to implement this comprehensive strategy. The media planning, led by ÉXITOTV, has resulted in a nationwide television campaign primarily targeting the Atresmedia Group, along with significant regional channels. In Catalonia, for example, TV3 has been prioritized, a leading channel in the region for over a decade. This strategy aims to maximize coverage and ensure that the message of the Grupo Mutua Propietarios reaches a wide spectrum of the Spanish audience.