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El Publicista highlights the ÉxitoTV campaign for Grupo Mutua Propietarios.

The powerful campaign is having an impact on the country's major portals and media outlets.

Screenshot of the article from El Publicista

In 2022, Grupo Mutua Propietarios marked a milestone in its marketing strategy by deciding to showcase its outstanding business trajectory and structural changes through television. This leading company in the Spanish market took strategic measures to solidify its position, and to achieve this, it relied on the advertising, audiovisual production, and communication services of ÉxitoTV.

The original article, published in November 2023 in the digital newsletter El Publicista, highlights the collaboration between Grupo Mutua Propietarios and ÉxitoTV, emphasizing the innovation and creativity that have been the foundation of this successful Client-Agency relationship. The vision and contribution of Natalia Fernández, responsible for management, marketing strategies, and brands at Grupo Mutua Propietarios, played a fundamental role in the campaign’s success.

The decision to create a different, highly direct, easy-to-watch spot, and additionally, using Stop Motion technology, is a significant aspect of the campaign. All of this was proposed by the creative team at ÉxitoTV, led by its CEO Carlos Bertran. The mentioned technique allows for the production of a spot that easily reaches the viewer through animated images.

In 2022, the campaign was scheduled on the channels of the Grupo Atresmedia (Antena3 and LaSexta) and also reached the regional TV station TV3, especially for the audience in Catalonia. The results met the expectations of Grupo Mutua Propietarios, validating the adopted strategy for repetition.

In 2023, Grupo Mutua Propietarios and ÉxitoTV have decided to expand their horizons. In addition to renewing the television campaign, they have embraced podcasts, a medium experiencing exponential growth in Spain. The campaign has extended to the country’s major podcasts, with advertising spots and special mentions to maximize visibility. ÉxitoTV has meticulously planned placements in leading Spanish podcasts such as La Vida Moderna, Es la Mañana de Federico, Sin Complejos, Ampliando el debate, among many others.

The alliance between Grupo Mutua Propietarios and ÉxitoTV, as highlighted by the media outlet El Publicista, is a testament to the power of creativity, innovation, and adaptability in the advertising world and the importance of having a media and creativity agency that ranks among the country’s top.

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