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All freelancers and businesses are looking for ways to increase profits month by month. Self-employed people face a lot of expenses every month, so increasing revenue is the key to their monthly profit. The same is true for a larger company, as the costs incurred are also higher. Large multinationals earn much more, but they are also subject to fixed costs that ultimately mean they have to keep an eye on the accounts anyway.

Hiring an advertising agency may seem complicated, but it is the most advisable thing to do, because if you do a good job of promotion and marketing, all of this will quickly have an impact on your turnover and, therefore, on the profits you are going to obtain. It is key to take the step and not give it up thinking that it is expensive or not very productive.

A Barcelona advertising agency such as ÉXITOTV offers a comprehensive service to all companies, whatever their size, and to freelancers. Their headquarters are in Barcelona, but they operate all over Spain, that is to say, the area in which the company or service to be promoted is located or has its commercial interests is not decisive.

A comprehensive advertising service means that we take care of creating all the necessary audiovisual files, in the form of advertising spots for television or digital platforms, as well as the communication and media planning that is essential to obtain the results we all want.

Types of TV advertising

If you finally choose to do your advertising campaign on television, this will be a great decision, as currently the television medium, even though it is affected by the way in which the public watches it and everything is gradually changing, continues to be one of the most popular media, together with digital platforms, where you can also broadcast the audiovisual files created and produced by the chosen advertising and media agency, if at the same time it is an audiovisual production company, as is the case of ÉXITOTV.

Éxito TV, as a production company, is able to design and develop spots and advertising skirts that will guarantee the transmission of the message that needs to be communicated. The company has launched spots on prestigious television networks, which has allowed it to work with well-known brands. Their team of creatives and technicians are in charge of planning the best marketing strategy for their client’s advertising spot, as well as the media plan, so that they can connect with the type of audience it is aimed at and also decide on the ideal time for its broadcast. I myself, as CEO of ÉxitoTV, explained this briefly on Telecinco news.

In synergy with the needs of each project

ÉxitoTV offers versatile solutions by being both a communication agency and a production company. With reach in television, video platforms, radio, press and physical advertising, the brand is positioned as a benchmark in the sector thanks to a turnkey service: we manage integral projects, from the development of the strategy, to the storytelling, the production of the spot and the whole process of development, planning, broadcasting and final reports.

Many brands have already placed their trust in our advertising services, which is an invitation to companies from different sectors to promote their products on the most popular television channels on the peninsula and its island territory, whether on Telecinco, Antena3, Cuatro, La Sexta or any other television channel in Spain through one of the best and most important advertising agencies and media agencies in Spain.

As the title of the article says, in the end, if you want your services or your brand to bill more each month, it is important to be brave and go one step further, so that 2023 is the year in which your business is fully operational. It should not be forgotten that when a brand is recognised by the general public, it will be guaranteed greater visibility and viability for many years, with periodic campaigns to maintain and consolidate itself more and more, but growing exponentially and rapidly from the first moment we broadcast your advertising campaign.


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