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Carlos Bertran

CEO at ÉxitoTV, Advertising Creative, Television and Music Producer

Carlos started some years ago in the audiovisual sector, first as a member of a musical group, then as a composer, music producer and later as an advertising creative – director/producer of television programs and advertising campaigns.

Carlos Bertran is a TV Producer, Publicist, Music Producer, Composer with more than 100 songs registered in the SGAE, Society of which he is a member since 1992. Creative advertising of hundreds of tunes, spots, radio spots, for many years he ran his own recording studio “IN-OUT ESTUDIOS” in Barcelona. In his beginnings in advertising he worked for many agencies (Luis Vives, Yolanda Altaba…). He created advertising jingles for Los 40 Principales and hundreds of municipal radio stations, among other projects.

Carlos made musical productions commercially released by several record companies (Warner, Horus, Blanco y negro, Fonomusic, Ginger music…). Member of the musical group DC3, which in 1993 became one of the most radiated groups of the year in Los 40 Principales de la Cadena Ser, with their album “Tu generación” and the single “Que descontrol”, selling thousands of copies.


Carlos has been part of the musical universe for a long time. As a music lover of groups and singers or as a music composer-producer and member of musical groups that were on the market at some point in his life. Among thousands of other related things, Carlos was in a group called Ha dou, which managed to sneak into the charts in the US and Japan, with another group called Dhondiego he got his song “Mírala como baila” to be number 1 on many charts. or that one of its most famous groups and that still today searching the net it is possible to see many of the things they did, the DC3 group, managed to make one of their singles “Que descontrol” one of the most listened to songs in “Los 40 Principales” in 1993, selling thousands and thousands of copies, among many other achievements. Carlos was also a producer for many artists and a composer of advertising tunes for many years in the recording studios that he directed “In-Out Studios”.

In this player you will be able to listen to songs by Carlos, either because he is the composer of the song or because it is a production in which Carlos has participated as an arranger, producer, singer or any combined option.

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Latin Beat
Mente Perdida
0:00 / 0:00
Mírala Como Baila
Mírala Como Baila (Maxi-Remix)
Ya es Historia
No te veo
0:00 / 0:00
Qué Descontrol
Sexy Anuncios
Vive tu Vida
Baila con mi Saxo
Dentro de mi Piel
¡Hey, Tú!
Me Sabe a Sal
Lobo-Hombre en París
Desde Dentro
Qué Descontrol (Dance Version)
0:00 / 0:00
El Destino (Parte 1)
Baila Esta Noche
Muñeco Diabólico
La Prueba Final
Sálvese Quien Pueda
Tres Minutos
Bésame, Bésame
Es Música
Espérame en el Cielo
Top Models
El Destino (Parte 2)
Baila Esta Noche (DJ Remix)
0:00 / 0:00
Obertura Tecno
La Estación
Porque Tú
Toda la Noche
Cruel Destino
Tiempo al Tiempo
Hola, mi Amor
Sobreviviré (I Will Survive)
0:00 / 0:00
Ave Maria
La Donna E Mobile
Funiculi Funicula
O Sole Mio
Torna a Surriento
La Matinata
Amor Ti Vieta
Addio Fiorito Abil
C'ella mi Creda
E Luchevari L'Estelle
Mix Dance

Carlos was TV Manager for many TV personalities, in channels such as TELE5, ANTENA3TV, Canal Sur, TV3, Cuatro, La Sexta….
For 5 years he directed and produced the TV program-magazine ¿Perdona? in Catalonia for RAC105TV of the Godó Group (Rac1, La Vanguardia, 8TV…) and in Madrid, Andalusia, Valencia and Murcia through BOMTV The magazine created by Carlos, started on 01/12/2012 by Canal Català TV in Catalonia. The presenters, in its last stage were Elsa Anka and Enric Escudé. Social issues were discussed, also, musical performances, street reports and interviews, for example: Lucia Etxebarria, Ramoncin, Anna Tarres, Pipi Estrada, Elsa Anka, Soraya Arnelas,Tamara,Pedro García Aguado,Lluis Llongueras, Mónica Pont,Samanta Villar,Melchor Miralles, Nacho Guerreros, Tomás Roncero, Pilar Rahola, Shai- la Durcal,José LuÍs Carazo,Mónica Pérez, María Díaz “La Junca”, Ainhoa Cantalapiedra, Octavi Pujades, Manel Piñeiro(Homo APM) Gisela, Willy Toledo, Carme Barceló, David Fernández, Toni Moog, M. Ángel Rodriguez (El Sevilla), Cristina Cubero, Olvido Hormigos, Coco Comin, Sebastià D’Arbó, La Veneno, Carolina Ferre, Judge Elpidio Silva…
In 2020 he directed the program “El Trono de Sensaciones” broadcasted on 8tv.

On the other hand, Carlos is specialized in launching companies and getting a business, service or brand to obtain good results in record time.

Carlos managed his own Advertising and Communication Agency for many years called LowCostPublicity.
He is currently CEO of the Audiovisual and Advertising Production Company ÉXITOTV, creating, producing and managing advertising campaigns for brands throughout Spain in multiple media, in Mediaset, Atresmedia, TV3 and others.