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A few years ago, painless hair removal centres became fashionable. At that time, an incipient brand called Bye Bye Pelos only had one centre near Barcelona. The creative Carlos Bertran proposed to the brand to carry out a series of actions aimed at creating its own brand and thus helping the opening of new premises for the firm. On the one hand, a spot, advertorials, advertorials and an event to present the brand in Madrid were produced.

SONIA ARENAS (Image of the brand and protagonist of the SPOT-2009) DAREK, SUSANA URIBARRI, PALOMA LAGO, CAROLINA CEREZUELA, LARA DIBILDOS, VERÓNICA MENGOD, ESTHER ARANDA DE O.T, KARINA, EMILIO PINEDA, JOSE MANUEL PARADA, JENNY JADA, ISABEL SOTO, MISTER ESPAÑA 2009, the managers of the brand, friends and many franchisees were present. The organization and logistics of the whole event was in charge of the advertising company LOWCOST PUBLICITY from Barcelona. The event was a great success and subsequently was very commented on all the usual television programs: ANA ROSA QUINTANA, EL BUSCADOR, SÁLVAME DE TELECINCO, ESPEJO PÚBLICO, TAL CUAL LO CONTAMOS, DEC DE ANTENA3, or CORAZÓN CORAZÓN DE TVE.