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Building upon the successful opening of Prénatal in Alcorcón, Madrid.

ÉxitoTV has been in charge of the inauguration of a new Prénatal shop inside Toys R' Us.

We are pleased to announce our latest promotional campaign in collaboration with Prénatal, a renowned brand specializing in baby and maternity products. ÉxitoTV has been selected to handle the promotion of the new Prénatal store, located within a Toys R’ Us in Alcorcón, Madrid. This partnership has yielded remarkable results in the realm of commercial openings, and we are delighted to have been part of this project.

Our main objective was to ensure that the Prénatal store opening gained significant visibility in Alcorcón and its surrounding areas. To achieve this, we implemented various strategies and promotional actions that had a significant impact on the local community and generated interest among potential customers.

One of the key tactics was the use of a backlit corporate truck that toured the streets of Alcorcón. This truck served as a mobile advertising platform, showcasing the Prénatal brand and announcing the opening of the new store. Its eye-catching presence and attractive design captured the attention of pedestrians and drivers, generating excitement and curiosity around the event.

Creative team in the Prénatal’s Opening.

In addition, we had the collaboration of influential personalities such as Leticia Sánchez, Le Petit Brunette, María Jesús Garnica, and Mamisafari. These influencers participated in various promotional activities, including special events, social media posts, and the creation of content related to the Prénatal opening. Their involvement significantly contributed to expanding the brand’s reach and recognition, effectively reaching their target audience.

To further increase the impact of the campaign, we utilized advertising spots on Cadena SER, a well-known radio station, and promotional mentions on the alcorconhoy.com podcast, a prominent digital media outlet in Alcorcón. These strategic collaborations allowed the message of the Prénatal opening to reach a broader and more diverse audience, generating increased interest and engagement in the event.

These promotional actions are just a few examples of the comprehensive strategy we implemented to ensure the success of the Prénatal opening in Alcorcón. Our focus was on creating an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation surrounding this inauguration, providing Prénatal with the visibility and recognition it deserves.

We are thrilled to have been part of this exciting project, and we will continue to offer innovative and effective advertising solutions to our clients. If you are looking to make a significant impact on your events or commercial openings, do not hesitate to contact us. At ÉxitoTV, we are committed to helping you achieve your goals successfully and memorably.