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46 million unique viewers watch television.

Barlovento has released an encrypted report with data from Kantar Media.

Lately, there has been a trend of information suggesting that television is a declining medium. We all know that we consume television differently than we did years ago. This applies to television, cinema, videos found on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, platforms, and so on.

The advertising agencies in Barcelona, the city where we are located, or the advertising agencies in Spain, know that advertising campaigns and marketing, in general, should be carried out with advertising agencies and media planning agencies in Barcelona or Spain, who have a deep understanding of the field. Regarding one of the most important mediums, television, we have just received information, and as an advertising agency, we are pleased to share it.S’acaba de fer públic l’informe anual de les dades i balanços d’audiències des de setembre de 2022 a juny de 2023 referent al mitjà televisió. Són dades de molts mesos, el que ens situa en la realitat del mitjà sense cap mena de dubte. Aquest informe ha estat publicat per Barlovento i està xifrat amb tota mena de dades de Kantar Media com a organisme oficial d’audiències d’Espanya.

For those of us who are part of ÉXITOTV, as one of the advertising agencies in Spain and at the same time as one of the media and marketing agencies in Spain, or if you prefer, as one of the advertising agencies in Barcelona highly involved in television advertising campaigns, it is not surprising what this annual report tells us.

The headline is very clear:

46 million unique viewers (accumulated audience data) have watched television at some point during this period.

This means that while one person watches television for many hours a day, another person never watches it. Between these two extremes, there are also those who watch it for a while each day, week, month, and so on. There are many examples we could give in this regard.

If we individualize it for each of us, those who never watch television, perhaps not even having a television set at home, will say that nobody watches television anymore. Those who have four television sets at home and regularly watch television will think that what they do is normal. Both options are normal, of course. However, for us, as an audiovisual production company, a television producer, or an advertising agency in Spain, what matters is that television as a medium is robust and strong nowadays. Therefore, planning a good television advertising campaign is highly suitable and profitable, if done well, because the data confirms and supports it.

Yes, it is true that 99.6% of the Spanish population watches television, even if it is sporadically. As for whether there is any other medium that is more dominant at the same time, there are few that can compete in terms of reach. For example, when it comes to a relevant football match, the viewership can reach millions of people. Similarly, when there is a program that is advertised with some insistence and covers content of interest to people, very good results are obtained as well. The viewership of the program “El Hormiguero” in its interviews with Pedro Sánchez or Núñez Feijóo has been estimated at over 3 million viewers, with peaks of over 6 million people.

It is true that there are programs that fail. It is evident that they exist, just as there are books that don’t sell, music that doesn’t attract much attention, and shows that don’t continue due to a lack of audience. It is evident that, with the data that has just been made public about television consumption in 2022 and 2023, this medium is strong, very strong. The same goes for outdoor advertising, which is not always the case, but currently, it is a very good investment. When television first appeared, it was said that it would overshadow the radio, but it is evident that this did not happen.

For all these reasons, advertising agencies in Barcelona, advertising agencies in Spain, advertising and marketing agencies in Barcelona, advertising production companies in Barcelona and throughout Spain, television advertising, and media planning agencies in Barcelona and throughout Spain, we must disseminate this data and help strengthen a medium that we have relied on for many years and which, I believe, will remain relevant for many more years to come.