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It is difficult to be crowned the best in any field. Sometimes it can even be presumptuous. But you can’t help but be proud of the professional steps you have taken along the way. The path to follow is not set by anyone, you simply have to follow your impulses and your intuitions.

It is obvious that in the world we live in today, it is not easy. We can even say it without fear of being wrong: it is a jungle. In this regard, I would like to tell you an anecdote to call it something that happened a short time ago. In December we closed a contract with a company and we did the agreed campaign. Everything was perfect. While this campaign was running, an executive of one of those advertising agencies considered top, sent a crappy email to our client telling him that they could improve the campaign. Without knowing the amount that this client decided to invest, without knowing exactly what campaign was being done, just to steal a client from other colleagues in the sector. I keep that email because it came into our hands. Someday, who knows maybe I will make it public, so that this person will feel a bit ashamed of his attitude. It didn’t do him much good, because the client didn’t go with them, but it did make it clear what kind of person he is.

Although that advertising agency is one of the top agencies, I can already say loud and clear that it is not a good agency; their commercial arts cross a very inadequate line. We all have the right to apply to offer our services, but there is no need to get dirty in this way. It has to be done in a more elegant way, with more style.

My professional beginnings were always linked to the audiovisual world, whether it was trying to produce short films with friends or in music, where I always had a special interest. I’ve always thought that in everything we do we have to be the best, there’s no point in half measures. You can go further or not, but in your personal history there should be no place for stepping on someone else’s to achieve your goal.

In a very short time I am going to publish a video summary of myself in which a small part of many of the steps I have taken will be reflected. It’s not because of ego, it’s because I think that when you reach a certain age it’s possible to publish something about yourself because your career allows it and, in this way, I will also give space to the argument of this article. Now we try to be the best advertising agency, just as we used to try to be the best in everything we did.

Going back to the title of this article, I can say that, in my opinion, we are the best advertising agency. I could say that we are the best advertising agency in Barcelona, but I think we are not only in Barcelona: we are one of the best advertising agencies in Spain because each client is for us unique, unrepeatable and a little treasure that we have to take care of, help, advise and, above all, accompany until they achieve their goals. This is what makes us good. It is this dedication, this almost obsession to take each job as a challenge and also as an obligation for those who pay us for our services, whether as an advertising agency, a media agency, a communication agency or an audiovisual production company.

Nowadays, in the digital world, if you search for “advertising agency” or “advertising agency in Barcelona”, it is easy to find us. We even form part of some prestigious portals, where you can also find us. All this responds to two words that I talked about in a previous article: effort and illusion.

They seem like just two words, but they are not. They are the key to everything. As I said, I will soon publish a video about myself, but I also announce that I will soon begin to explain situations I have experienced on a daily basis in the sector I work in: advertising and audiovisual production. It is possible that I will even dare to give names of people who are known to many of you to try to give a broader view of certain concepts that are deeply rooted and that sometimes are not what they seem. I will also be able to tell stories of people I have come across who, under their appearance of being good people, hide a rather distressing hidden side.

Don’t mind me if, for the moment, I tell you about the subject in general and don’t name names. It will come to that.

I will end by saying that yes, we do indeed consider ourselves one of the best advertising, communication and media agencies in Spain, Barcelona included, of course, because if you decide to let us take care of your project, we will not stop until we achieve our goals.

Good Easter to all of you.