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Advertising on television.

At ÉxitoTV we are experts in launching and promoting companies of all kinds. In just 15 days we can produce and prepare the best possible media campaign and design your advertising spot to appear in the most popular television programs and networks.

The television market is very powerful. It has been able to update itself with all the digital media available to it.

Currently, many television networks diversify advertising with digital impressions within their on-demand portals.

In these portals, advertising is inserted through videos and/or banners, which must be viewed in order to continue with the desired television content.

For many years, consolidated brands have been producing and broadcasting campaigns on television and also on their respective portals: TV3 a la carte, Mitele, Atresplayer…

Currently, there are companies with smaller businesses that also publicize their brand, products or services on television.

With conventional television campaigns, the brand obtains a notorious increase in its positioning and improves the knowledge of its products and services, improving its turnover.

manages and plans advertising campaigns in the best local, regional and national television stations in Spain.